Justin curated a show up at Guerrero Gallery.

Justin was in the middle of curating this show up in San Francisco at Guerrero Gallery when he passed away. It is opening Jan. 12th and looks to be a really amazing show. The last two shows he curated were his friends from home, says a lot about him. The opening will be art from South Carolina in the front room and art from Milk and Honey artists in the the project room. Hope to see you there.

House of Style

Todd Oldham interviewed Justin for House of Style, a couple days before he passed away.

Justin Van Hoy

Last week our great friend and gallery partner Justin Van Hoy passed away. He was the true heart and soul of THIS. There really are no words to express our sadness with his passing and also the happiness we all had when he was around. His life is a true inspiration and he supported and touched the lives of so many people. We miss you so much buddy.

Opening Friday November 2nd: PARENTHESIS: works by Reed Elliott & Paul Martyka



We’re excited to announce the release of our first biannual print magazine, Human Being Journal. We have been printing something each season, but never sharing thoughts and ideas. It’s a strong belief within our company that the products only represent one part of the story. The people who buy our clothing also sleep, eat, ride bikes, travel to new locations and have ideas about the world. We set a goal to share more of this culture and energy. Hopefully you learn something or become inspired by our journal. Thank you to all of our friends and collaborators who push us to live more interesting lives.

Our Journal includes:

1 white horse, 128 pages, perfect binding, 3 months, 11 photographers, 18 contributors, 42 people, 140 questions, 141 answers, 1 delicious recipe, printed in 5 colors, 9225 words, 7 sandwich recommendations, 100% original content.


Silas Adler, Rachel Albright, Devon Alkire-Cussen, Penille Anderson, Adam Alexander Bach, Imogene Barron, Daniel Beckwith, Jacob Kampp Berliner, Ying Jun Cheng, Archie Coates, Emily Coates, Emil Corsillo, Sandy Corsillo, Lauren Cronan, Jason Donahoe, Ashley Florence, Kimberly Frost, Sandra Ganzer, Eric Gilkey, William Godwin, Stine Goya, Christopher Green, Katrine Green, Emerald Grippa, Sterling Hundley, Kate Jennings, Emily Jones, Nelly Kate, Aiden Kelly, Krystle Kemp, Cameron Charles Lewis, JMW Luxton, Craig McNairy, Mark McNairy, Marie-Louise Mogensen, Duy Nguyen, Nikolaj Nielson, Cody Oliver, Karl Olsen, Teresa Oman, Jason Lee Parry, Raan Parton, Shea Parton, Ryan Patterson, Michael C. Place, Ditte Reffstrup, Gabriel Ricioppo, Kristen Shaw, Søren Nicolai Skyt, Nana Soebirk, Emily Sugihara, Joan Sugihara, Elizabeth Sullivan, Luke Waldron

We will be kicking off the release of our Journal with some West Coast friends. Please come join us for this event. We will have many journals on hand and would love to share, chat and party with you.

Check out: Need Supply Co.

More Thom Lessner party pics from Rose

OK, a little late.. but such a good show and opening!!

Thom’s show is up until the 19th, we’re open friday and Saturday afternoons..drop by..also, we have most of the pieces which are still for sale up in the store..


We are really cramming amazing “ART EXPERIENCES” down your gullets this month. No rest for us, or you! Thom Lessner is here, and he is putting the final touches on the amazing show he has in store this Friday.. hope you can make it out, or at least make out!!!!!!

THIS los angeles is pleased to present Turbo Lover, an exhibition of new works by Thom Lessner. The unique works on display include paintings, painted paper sculptures, and hand sewn felt signs. Lessner’s work draws a good deal of influence from 1980s popular culture and rock bands. Whether it’s references to caricatured rock gods, teenage collections, the artist studio, or hand made fan signs, the works serve as stand-ins holding the place for a desired myth while also paying homage to personal heroes.

Thom Lessner is a native Ohioan currently living in Philadelphia. Thom’s parodied renditions of 80s pop culture figures have become his signature style. Thom is an ardent skateboarder and rock n’ roll star in the costume-clad band Sweetheart. Thom has done work for and with POKETO, Shepherd Fairey, and a multitude of magazines including Thrasher, Vice, Swindle, and Spin. Thom’s works have traveled to Los Angeles, New York, and internationally.

GOLD COAST is up in the store right now

Blake – Opening photos at VASF

We’ve been curating the VASF gallery space for a little while now and we are psyched to have our great friend Blake Marquis open last friday with drawings, prints, surfboards, sculptures, and installations.. go check it out.