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Visiting Justin Krietemeyer

Justin Krietemeyer – OH SNAP – Solo show at This Los Angeles Gallery Mar. 1st- March 17th 2013 from aaron farley on Vimeo.

Erin Garcia install and Visits videos..

2 more videos for the stacks show, one is an studio visit and the other is all about the install.. also, check out the new shop link up above.. or here

THIS VISITS – Peter Porras

For this episode of THIS Visits, we break new ground with the story of a personal project that blossomed into something even more special. Peter Porras isn’t just bike fanatic, he’s a man of the people. While he loves to ride, he gets excited watching other people ride. A couple of years ago he crashed hard and was hurt for eight months. To help rehabilitate himself he built a few small practice jumps in the empty lot behind his house. This quickly evolved into a dirt pump track involving the whole community. Now all the neighborhood kids are riding bikes and learning how to keep up the track, and more people are meeting and riding together every day.

THIS Visits Lisa Solberg

Aaron stopped by for a chat and a beer with Lisa Solberg in her studio in downtown LA . Come check out her work today, the last day the Friends III show is up..

THIS Visits Brian Roettinger

John Van Hamersveld visit – in case you missed it

Chris Beidel Visit

THIS visits: Megan Whitmarsh.

THIS Visits: The Impossible Project

10 minutes isn’t enough to scratch the surface of what The Impossible Project is, and what it means to millions of Polaroid enthusiasts. Conceived at the closing party of the last Polaroid factory, The Impossible Project completely re-invented the process of creating instant film specifically for Polaroid cameras. A daunting task for sure, but one that they’ve been at since 2008. Photo geeks rejoice as THIS Visits the Impossible Project’s US offices and showroom with Impossible Vice President, Mr. David Bias.

Stopped by Megan’s Studio last week.

Stopped by Megan’s studio last week and we’re so excited for this show! We will have a full “visit” up later next month, but here’s a preview.