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Conveyor played some songs..

Conveyor dropped in while they were in town to play a couple songs in front of Jon’s sculptures. All three songs are here..

Andrew McAllister of Vanish Valley and Alexander Gow of Oh Mercy

I don’t know if i ever posted this to the blog. But check out the performance a couple months back by Andrew McAllister and Alexander Gow. They both came in the same night and layed down a couple amazing songs.

Haroula Rose

Haroula Rose at THIS Los Angeles from THIS on Vimeo.

Atlantic/Pacific stopped by to play a jam.


Younger Youth

Casey and I have been emailing back and forth for about 7 months about Younger Youth coming in to play.. but it was well worth the wait as you’ll soon see. They dropped by to play a couple awesome songs late on a Monday night.

Younger Youth from THIS on Vimeo.

Aaron Beckum dropped in

Aaron Beckum at THIS from THIS on Vimeo.

I first met Aaron over email, from Jen Furchess, who told us we had to have him come in and play.. We couldn’t get it together with our schedules and the emails were lost out in the space wherever old emails go. Then one beautiful day at Griffith park, a conversation ensued with some friends of friends, and little did I know, that friend of a friend was Aaron’s wife. The emails started back up, and here we are, finally, a song is recorded. go to

Adam Arcuragi at THIS

The Musical masterpieces at THIS have been a little bit few and far between but Adam came in and sang one of my favorites that we’ve recorded so far..

Adam Arcugari at THIS from THIS on Vimeo.

The Watson Twins at This.

The Watson Twins stopped by This for a song.

This Presents Peasant

Peasant came in to play a tune right before the collage show came down.

Peasant from THIS on Vimeo.

Volapike at THIS

Our buddies Volapike stopped by and ripped a tune before they killed it at the Monster Children party that weekend.

Volapike from THIS on Vimeo.