BORDERS THIS los angeles, 5906 N. Figueroa st. LA, CA 90042 Thurs. 7-10pm

Noah Kalina, Emily Shur, and Noe Montes all deal with the ideas of borders in the photography they’ll be showing this month at THIS.

Noah Kalina deals with the border between still and video, performance art and photography. He uses the traditional border of a still photo with the camera on a tripod and incorporates a story with movement inside that frame. Each video is 1 shot and no editing; a friend lying on a couch as another friends rides around her in circles; Noah doing pushups in his new studio; a young couple holding hands, knee deep in the ocean staring straight at the camera, still for 1 minute.

Emily Shur is showing pieces from her “Nature Calls” series, which are photos of cellphone tower trees in their environment. These scenes blur the line between nature, business, the need for communication, and the need to feel as if we are surrounded by nature in the built environment.

Noe Montes photographed objects around his parents home in Yuma Arizona and scenes in El Paso Texas while visiting these areas which he grew up in and around. These objects represent the border between the hopes and dreams of a new object and the reality of it being discarded or sat on a shelf unnoticed for years. Seemingly mundane, an old boom box on a couch, a broken touchtone telephone, and a statue of a horse head on a shelf, these are the same things he returns to each time he visits, which bring back the memories of home and family for better or for worse before he moved away.

Here is the bag